I Want Casual: 10 First Date Ideas For No-Strings-Attached Dating

Planning the perfect first date can be stressful when you’re trying to meet “the one”, but when it comes to casual dating it’s much easier to find the perfect activity. There’s way less pressure when you’re looking for something casual and you can just focus on the fun aspect of dating without expectations of a […]

The Best Online Hook Up Site Tips When You Want To Hook Up With Someone With A Fetish

Hooking up with someone new is fun and exciting, especially if they have a fetish that you’re not familiar with, forcing you into a quick and dirty crash course that can make for some pretty pleasurable research. If you hook up with someone online and discover that they have a secret kink that you’re interested […]

Drunk Casual Sex: Should You Have It? 5 Tips To Do It Right!

Get Drunk And Hookup For Sex A lot of people feel the need to liquor themselves up before having casual sex. The reason behind this is that alcohol gives them more confidence and allows them to act in a certain way that they might refrain from when sober. Getting drunk and hooking up for sex […]

The Most Legit Discreet Dating Sites For Cheaters In Cardiff

Legit Discreet Dating Sites For Cheaters In Cardiff If you’re looking to cheat on your partner, you should probably make sure you aren’t going to get caught. To do this, you need to pick the most legit and discreet dating sites for cheaters in Cardiff. By picking the most legit and discreet dating sites for […]

How To Have A Fling With A Man In Your Area

How To Have A Fling Using Online Dating If you’re looking to have a fling with a suitable man living in your area, then you need to look to the services of online dating, because offline dating is an increasingly unattractive option. Aren’t you tired of going to the bar and being approached by man […]

Why Men Shouldn’t Get Dating Advice From Women

A Story About How Bad Dating Advice Can Wreck Your Relationship Half the advice you will ever get will be crap. Why? Because when you ask people about relationships, they’re going to immediately try to construct an objective truth from their personal narrative. In fact, that’s what I did just now. I remember asking a […]

4 Tough and Smart Dating Tips for Women

Four Tough and Smart Dating Tips for Women The problem for women online, isn’t attracting men. You’re going to attract men with a blurry picture and a “derp” in your bio. The issue is attracting the right kind of men, and that takes finesse, and a little work. If you look around online to find […]

3 Best Dating Tips and Advice for Women

3 Best Online Dating Tips for Women by Men Men are just as enigmatic to women as women are to us, and first dates are no less terrifying. We’re looking to impress you and we’re not entirely sure what’s going to play well or not. We reassure ourselves that if it works out, it works […]

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