3 Top Dating Tips for Men by Women

3 Top Dating Tips for Men By Women

Ok boys, pull up a chair, open up your notebooks and listen carefully to what I'm about to say. Ladies on online dating sites get up to 20 messages a day. We're inundated by inane messages by boys who think we're going to open up our legs just because they sent us a message saying “ur hot”. Guess what, that's not going to happen. So if we don't respond to your message that says “ur hot” it is not appropriate to send another message later that day saying “ur bitch”. Guess what. We don't care. Not only did we probably not see the first message, but the next day when we're sifting through these messages, all we're going to see is some guy who thinks we're a hot bitch, and you want to know what? That's fine with us. We're a hot bitch, so fuck off. Now, with that out of the way, let's take a look at what is likely to go over well.

Online Dating Tips for Men by Women

(1) Clever Messages that Have One Point and Ask a Question

Whenever I see a clever message that has one main point and asks me a question I get really excited. Why? Because I enjoy talking about myself, as most women do. It also creates a dynamic to the conversation. You express interest in me, and I get to express interest in me, and maybe if I've read through your profile and liked what I've seen, then I will even express interest in you. The main trick to asking a good question of a potential date is to leave it sort of open ended. Like, if we have similar taste in music, you can ask about what concerts I've been to or what I thought of whatever last album. This gives me a chance to talk about something I'm interested in. Your message should not be more than 200 words. You are not writing an article for publication.

(2) Act Like We've Never Met Before

One of the most important online dating tips I can give a dude is to understand the situation correctly. Referring to us as “honey” or “baby” is not appropriate. Why? Because these are terms of endearment and we haven't even exchanged names yet. One thing we do like is clever puns on our screen name. Why do we like this? No one is really sure, but it seems to indicate to us that you've at least put some thought into your approach and we do respond well to thoughtfulness, which is why something like “hey baby” is not going to fly with us. Not only is it overly familiar but worst still, it's common. You're like the skeezy guy with the jizz stain on his pants that walks up to us at the bar and is all like “hey baby, look at me, I really need to get laid..”. This approach will not get you laid.

(3) Don't Have a Hissy Fit if We're Not Into You

Girls have a network. We talk to one another. There are entire sites dedicated to outing assholes who act like petulant children just because a girl didn't respond to their idiotic text. You act like an asshole, we're going to make sure everyone knows about it, because we don't deserve to be treated like that, and most of the time it has nothing to do with you. We're either interested in someone else at the time, or we're not interested in you. Taking rejection on the chin is part of life. Everyone has to deal with it.