4 Best Dating Tips for Women

The 4 Best Dating Tips for Women

Understanding what goes into a perfect match is no simple task. Nowadays folks are marrying later and later, if at all, and the majority of marriages are ending in divorce. The more we analyze and attempt to understand love, the uglier it becomes. But the fact is, it does happen and if that's what you want, there are several ways to hedge your bets. The best part is the has more to do with understanding yourself and less to do with controlling others. Of course, dating tips for love, and dating tips for casual dating are different, but some of the same rules still apply to both.

(1) Knowing What You Want

There is no cookie cutter formula for finding love. But knowing what you want really the first key to getting what you want. Relationships take years to build, and require an investment of your time and your heart. You make space for others in your life, so if you're in a position where what you have isn't working and you're sick of spinning your wheels hoping something will change, then you need to walk away. Nothing will change unless you change it.

(2) Knowing Who You Are

The reason why some many relationships fail is because one or both parties sacrifices all the things they once cared about to the relationship. Married couples who are successful maintain relationships outside of their marriage, have their own hobbies and interests, and still manage to have time for one another and fully commit to the relationship. It's important to maintain your own separate space to get through difficult periods that inevitably happen. A difficulty in one area of one's life should not lead to difficulty in the relationship and vice versa. And relationships that do fail between two folks who have chosen to move on are less cataclysmic to those who have maintained their friendships and personal activities in other areas of their life.

(3) Making Date Night a Thing

There's got to be a night just for the two of you. Even married couples should do this because it impacts the quality of the relationship and its longevity a great deal. Partners who drift apart sometimes do so unnecessarily and realize years later that they've made a great mistake. The spark that brought the two of you together needs to be tended from time to time. If it burns out and you can feel something missing, it's time to reinvest some of your leisure time into each other.

(4) Never Settle

You're going to have doubts, for sure, but settling down does not mean the willingness to settle. Women who want a family can end up seeing the guy they're with as a means to an end, unfairly, without ever really feeling passionately about him. It's difficult to know if this is you because there are million lies we tell ourselves to assuage our fear in this regard, but it's important for both of you that you don't choose a safe bet if you're lacking the passion, love, and friendship that forms the backbone of a romantic relationship. It's not like he has to be a pirate or something, but you should be excited to see him, and look forward to his company.