Why Women Have Affairs With Assholes

Why Women Have Affairs When Their Husbands Treat Them Like A Queen

Women in Wigan (actually, this applies to women all over the world, since all women share the same fundamental nature) tend to cheat on their husbands on a case-by-case basis, even if their husbands happen to treat them like a queen. In one case, a woman's husband might have been treating her extremely well right from the very first message that they sent on the online dating platform they've met on, and he might have continued and augmented that trend from that point forward. However, the sad fact is that that woman might have eventually felt the desire to cheat on her husband, simply because he was catering to her far too much. The fact is that women are complicated. They want one thing, but they want another thing at the exact same time. While they want a man to treat them like a queen, they also don't want a man to always wait on bended knee for their every request. That's not to say that they want a complete dirtbag as well; they just want to find the happy medium point between the two. Once they find that, they're likely to stay faithful for the rest of the happy relationship. Until a woman finds something like that, there will always be a risk that she will cheat on her husband.

Why Good Guys Come Last

Good guys tend to come last. That's something that's been true throughout history, and it definitely has not changed in recent years. Women want to feel like they're special, but they don't want to date a man who acts like a slave when they're with their wives. The fact is that there are several men out there who put their own needs and desires aside completely so that they can make it their life's mission to make their wive's day a living paradise. While that's an admirable notion, in a sense, it's also entirely wrong-headed. Men need to realize that they need to find the middle point between acting like a complete gentleman and a total badboy. Then, and only then, can they be sure that their woman won't be looking at other men with a sense of desire.

Why Do Women Like Assholes?

Women don't always like assholes, but it varies depending on the case. Sometimes, when a woman is dating a man who complies to her every whim, she might meet a man who is more of a jerk, and she might feel a sense of desire for him simply because he is different from what she is used to. That's simply unavoidable, and we understand that it's quite unfortunate for the man that she's seeing. However, it is what it is. A woman who meets an asshole might feel a sense of refreshment, and she might feel that he may be able to quench her thirst in a sexual and psychological way, that her husband could never hope of doing.

Women Like Confident Males

Women are always attracted to confident males. That has been true throughout history, and it is just as true today. All confident males have the upper hand when it comes to attracting women, even married women. That's sad news for the married, unconfident man, but great news for the cheating woman and the jerk she ends up with. It's human nature, and we can't ignore it; our only choice is to embrace it.

Why Do Women Accept Being Treated Poorly?

Why do women accept being treated poorly? That's a question of the ages, and it's not one that we have a simple answer for. Women's minds work in weird, twisted ways sometimes, so they don't even tend to know why they sometimes accept and even enjoy being treated poorly. There's a lot of dirty psychology at play there that we won't even bother getting into. All that we'll say is that women thrive on being impressed and surprised by their men; if they're used to being treated like a queen for so long that they get used to it, then they might just jump on the next man who treats her like dirt, for the simple fact that he is doing something different than her husband is doing. It's complicated, and even we don't fully understand it, but it's just the reality of the situation. Men need to accept it, and they need to switch their game up if they're looking to keep their unfaithful wives at bay.