I Want Casual: 10 First Date Ideas For No-Strings-Attached Dating

Planning the perfect first date can be stressful when you're trying to meet “the one”, but when it comes to casual dating it's much easier to find the perfect activity. There's way less pressure when you're looking for something casual and you can just focus on the fun aspect of dating without expectations of a relationship. Here are the ten best casual date ideas that will get you both in the mood:
  1. Live music.

  2. Go and catch a concert together for a guaranteed fun and casual experience that you'll both be into. Get tickets to a hot local band and have a great night, flirting and dancing to the music. This gives you a chance to be close and hang out in a cool and unique environment, doing something that will get you both feeling frisky.
  3. Picnic in the park.

  4. Forget about dining in the fanciest local restaurant and take your meal to the great outdoors. Hit up a nearby park for a casual and relaxed vibe that puts you both at ease and let's you hang out without being interrupted by servers. This is also a great date idea when you want casual because no one will be left with the awkward task of paying the check at the end of the night.
  5. Rooftop patio.

  6. Instead of sitting in a dark bar, try changing locales and finding a great rooftop patio to go for drinks. Being in the fresh air feels great and gives a more casual vibe to your date. Neither of you will want to go inside after enjoying the outdoor atmosphere and views from the rooftop, unless you want to take things back to your place once you're both a little tipsy and in the mood for a casual hookup.
  7. Run and coffee.

  8. Keep your date super casual by getting together during the day for some physical activity. Go for a hike or for a run together and follow it up by grabbing coffee. This kind of date is super informal and you'll both be into the positive endorphins that are released when you exercise. This is the perfect thing to do to put you both in a great mood, ensuring the fun and easy vibe that you want on a casual first date.
  9. Just dessert.

  10. Skip dinner and head straight for the sweets. Build giant ice cream sundaes together or get cupcakes at the best bakery in town. This kind of date has a whimsical feel to it, making it ideal when you want to keep it casual. There's something about going straight for dessert that feels slightly scandalous, giving your date a naughty quality that feels fun and sexy.
  11. Sporting event.

  12. Nothing is more casual than watching sports together. Whether it's your local baseball team or a big-time basketball game, hanging out together while eating popcorn and watching sports is a super fun idea for a chilled-out and cool date. Even if you're not super into sports, you'll get caught up in the atmosphere of the crowd and can guarantee a great time on your first date.
  13. Pub night.

  14. Instead of just sitting around and drinking at a bar mix it up by challenging each other to a few rounds of pool or darts. You'll have a sexy, competitive thing going that will make you both want each other and the mood of the night will be casual, flirty, and relaxed.
  15. Beach day.

  16. Going to the beach together is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and gives you the bonus benefit of being able to check each other out in your bathing suits. A day at the beach is mellow and relaxing but also has a sexy and playful vibe to it, making it a perfect choice when you want something casual.
  17. Hit the books.

  18. Enjoy a great first date by getting coffee and browsing a bookstore together. You can check out each other's picks and have fun flirting between the bookshelves. This is a great date that doesn't require any special planning and keeps the pressure off. A bookstore date is short enough that you can decide if you're into each other without having to spend a whole day together. If you decide that you want to keep hanging out you can always let the date continue on with dinner and drinks and possibly even a casual hookup.
  19. Group hang.

  20. If the idea of a couples date seems too formal then invite your date along on a group hang out. Go for trivia night together or go bowling with all of your friends to keep things super casual and relaxed between the two of you. This also gives your friends a chance to check out your date and let you know if they think you're a good match for a casual hookup.