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Why Men Shouldn’t Get Dating Advice From Women

A Story About How Bad Dating Advice Can Wreck Your Relationship Half the advice you will ever get will be crap. Why? Because when you ask people about relationships, they’re going to immediately try to construct an objective truth from their personal narrative. In fact, that’s what I did just now. I remember asking a […]

4 Tough and Smart Dating Tips for Women

Four Tough and Smart Dating Tips for Women The problem for women online, isn’t attracting men. You’re going to attract men with a blurry picture and a “derp” in your bio. The issue is attracting the right kind of men, and that takes finesse, and a little work. If you look around online to find […]

4 Best Dating Tips for Women

The 4 Best Dating Tips for Women Understanding what goes into a perfect match is no simple task. Nowadays folks are marrying later and later, if at all, and the majority of marriages are ending in divorce. The more we analyze and attempt to understand love, the uglier it becomes. But the fact is, it […]

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